Welcome Back To Reality

Welcome Back To Reality is a multiplayer first-person sandbox game, set in a futuristic environment with great emphasis on community-created content.

WBTR has a multiplayer mode with preset gamemodes and maps to play casually or competitively like other FPS games.

WBTR is designed to be as moddable as possible and allow beginners to not only create their own Maps but also Gamemodes.
Assets can be imported and used in your created maps. All assets that come with the game are free to use. Functionality can be added via .lua scripts.

You can play maps from the Workshop made by other players or create your own using the In-Game Editor!
You can manage all of your self-made assets for levels using the integrated Resource Manager! All assets are being synchronized with everyone playing on the same server and can be accessed using the Sandbox Menu.

The core game features a full-fledged True First Person Controller with IK and weapon handling.
Every event is physics-based so the interaction of objects is as realistic as possible.

WBTR on Steam

WBTR Documentation