Changes for 1.7a


– Main Menu has been redesigned
– Updated Unity Engine to 2019.3.0f6
– Added custom localizations for EN and DE
Note: You can make your own translations using the template in /data/localization/
We plan to add French, Japanese and Russian later. Please note that audio is only avaliable in English at the moment (more will follow).

– Added an experimental VR mode
Note: This is not included in the default game. To try this, select the beta branch and download the game again.
WARNING: The VR mode has extreme flaws and problems! Do NOT try it if you’re unsure, especially if you’re affected by flickering images and/or motion sickness.

– Settings menu has been redesigned


– Added Deathmatch mode
– Added timer and end screen
– Reduced head bobbing
– Gamemodes now have custom game settings
– Foot IK has been improved
– Added positional voice chat (VOIP)
Note: Press and hold „V“ or your „Voice Chat“ button to talk ingame.

– Improved Inventory design
– Increased size of pickups to make them easier to pick up


– Increased tickrate to 64
– WBTR now sends packets over K_EP2P with a 0.03 update rate


– Added Depth of Field to post-processing effects (Can be toggled with F5)
– Added equip, idle, attachment, and tactical reload animations for all currently avaliable weapons
– Added custom crosshair
– Replaced player model
Note: You can customize your player model by going into the settings and selecting „Character Creator“


– Enhanced the AKM shooting sound
– Improved sound behaviour while the game is paused


– Added Crossbow (1 shot ready / 20 in reserve)
– Current weapon selection contains: AKM, G18, Crossbow
Note: This is because the other weapons are getting an animation overhaul

– Adjusted damage and recoil values of the AKM and G18:
– Damage: 34
– Recoil: 4

– Damage: 23
– Recoil: 2

– Added Attachments:
Note: Attachments can be equipped by pressing „G“ or your „Change Attachment“ button and then selecting the corresponding attachment.
For now, there are only a few for testing purposes. Once a leveling system is in place, these, together with other guns will have to be unlocked.

– Long Supressor: Reduces recoil but decreases damage
– 30-Round Magazine (5.45mm): Reduces recoil but decreases damage
– 40-Round Magazine (7.62mm): Increases maximum ammo to 40 and reserve ammo to 120
– 2x Scope: Decreases FOV and increases accuracy

– Long Supressor: Reduces recoil but decreases damage

– Weapons now spit bullet cases (if applicable)


– New map: Close Quarters Battle
– Added custom map creation tool
– Maps can now use custom models
– Maps can now load in existing scenes from WBTR (some might not work as intended, see http://igtgames.de/wordpress/home/wbtr/doc/working-scenes/ for reference)
– Maps can now be downloaded from the Steam Workshop
– Added custom skybox cubemap support


– The main menu music now always plays
– Fixed some broken context menus and buttons
– Fixed drift while walking
– Fixed several audio issues
– Fixed a bug that caused the AKM to fire in the wrong direction
– Fixed a bug where your corpse would implode
– You can no longer shoot after being killed
– You can no longer shoot yourself
– Fixed a graphics error that could have given certain people a massive seizure
– Players can no longer get stuck in an endless loop when spawning inside another
– The skybox now actually lines up with the camera view
– The VR mode now works on Oculus Rift S and PSVR using 3rd party programs

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